Aaron Zorndorf

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am the founder of Dimensional Dynamics. We design and often produce environments for learning, selling, or connecting people and information,using fixtures, props and signage. Located in San Francisco since 1994, we serve as exhibit and display design specialists to a variety of large and small clients. Initially we were involved in interactive museum design projects,in recent years we have been doing a lot of corporate event design and production with an emphasis on sustainability as it applies to materials, energy, general waste and carbon footprint.

  • Current position

  • Design Director at Dimensional Dynamics


  • More about me

  • Bluegrass guitarist, traveler, camper /hiker/fly fisher, culture and art lover.

Recent publications & presentations

  • Graduate Show CCA  2011

    Graduate Show CCA 2011


    by Aaron Zorndorf Published June 21 2011

    Works by six graduating students from the Furniture Program at California College of the Arts just closed May 20 at Mina Dresden Gallery. These young designers and artists have already attracted industry attention for their innovative pieces and have...

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